Business Application with Oracle Cloud Visual Builder

Develop a New Business Application with 

Oracle Cloud Visual Builder

Choosing the right user interface technology is very important. When as a technology professional, I have built different enterprise applications using different development tools, from Oracle Forms, Java based Application Development Framework (ADF), Oracle Application Express, to Grails and Groovy.  In this article, I will evaluate a simple and powerful cloud-based platform for a customer who wants to build a high-performance Dealer Portal. 

Develop, Test, Deploy and Run on the Cloud

I started playing with Oracle cloud Visual Builder  ( A cloud instance was provisioned in minutes making my first impression really good. It was easy to use and had the capacity to build a modern User Interface.  VBCS provides capabilities to build mobile and web applications using rest services and business objects. In addition to the broad list of standard UI components and processes, VBCS provides the ability to create additional components, processes and templates.

Easy Connect with Rest End Points

For evaluation best use case I was able to think was Lending Club. In minutes I was able to add the Lending Club investor rest web services to VBCS.

VBCS supports all different security authentication mechanisms to connect to Rest end points.

The Next step was to build a rich User Interface based on the rest JSON objects. VBCS provided a list of components, navigation options, flows and visual charts to effortlessly build the UI. 

Visual with Code Access

With VBCS, one develops an application using the basic technology of HTML, CSS and Java Script. In addition to drag and drop, VBCS provides direct access to the code. One can easily modify the generated code and see the impact on the visual screen. VBCS can handle large volumes of data with built-in support for pagination, filtering and sorting. Web Services based Application are very light weight and need very little cloud server processing power as most of the VBCS UI processing is done on the client browser. With few changes same application could be deployed outside the Oracle Cloud.
To summarize I am very impressed with VBCS.  It is simple and powerful tool to build rapid production grade enterprise applications. It runs on   Oracle Cloud. VBCS could connect easily with rest services and business components and has Other salient advantages like built in Development Pipeline (CICD), Security and Internationalization. 

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About the Author:
Vinay Bhatia is an experienced product leader, passionate about building financial products that delight the customers. He has the background in technology, cloud and agile software development.

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