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Vinay Bhatia is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 20 years of success across the financial services industry. Leveraging extensive experience with technology systems, requirements gathering, and offshore optimization, he is a valuable advisor for an organization looking to implement a new technology system or revitalize an existing system. In addition, Vinay is highly skilled at improving offshore relations to ensure open and frequent communications, lending to on-time and successful project completion and satisfied customers. His broad areas of expertise include product development, Agile process optimization, lending, Line  of Credit and consumer loans.
Throughout his executive career, Vinay has held leadership positions with International Decision Systems (IDS), Oracle Financial Services, and SuperSolutions Corporation. He is currently providing consulting services through his firm Fortune, LLC.
2017 - 2019

Vice President, Global Development - International Decision Systems

International Decision Systems
  • Oversaw all aspects of product development; heading global development teams in Minneapolis and Bangalore
  • Directed the transformation of the product development organization to improve processes, quality, reliability, efficiency, and predictability of deliverables
  • Led the transformation of product development capabilities through Agile strategies as VP of India Operations
2010 - 2017

Senior Director, Product Development - Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
  • Redeveloped Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing (OFSLL) to make it the most profitable product for FSGBU
  • Participated in the Global Development Council to create the best practices, standards, and processes for products, SCM tools, globalization, security, architecture, performance, and automation
  • Successfully led the first implementation of the OFSLL for a large US auto finance customer
2006 - 2010

Lending Products Group, India Center & Product Engineering Head - Oracle Financial Services

Oracle Financial Services
  • Defined the strategy and process to localize, implement, and provide global support for a product built for the US market
  • Hired, trained, and managed cross-functional teams with global members, including those in Tokyo, Japan, Bangalore, India, and the US (Minneapolis)
  • Minimized cost and risk by balancing in-house resources and contractors across multiple locations
1997 - 2005

Product Development Manager - SuperSolutions Corporation

SuperSolutions Corporation
  • Devised and implemented Engine-Expert Matrix for Daybreak application to create technical and functional experts across various departments and locations; spearheaded architecture and development of Daybreak Lending Suite Origination Systems
  • Led complete implementations for numerous major clients, including Hyundai Motor Corporation
  • Honored with the Best Predictive Tool Award for the Credit Scoring and Auto Decision Tool

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